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New Mexico Online Voter Registration

Voter registration for the coming election is now closed.

You may still use this site to request an absentee ballot.

You may NOT use this website to:
  • Submit a new registration for anyone else
  • Update a registration for anyone else

Pursuant to New Mexico law, a registration offense consists of performing any of the following acts willfully and with knowledge and intent to deceive any registration officer or to subvert the registration requirements of the law or rights of any qualified elector:

  • Signing or offering to sign a certificate of registration when not a qualified elector;
  • Falsifying any information on the certificate of registration;
  • Soliciting, procuring, aiding, abetting, inducing or attempting to solicit, procure, aid, abet or induce any person to register or attempt to register with the name of any other person, whether real, deceased or fictitious.

Anyone committing a registration offense is guilty of a fourth degree felony.